Why Are Chewable Supplements A Good Choice?

There are a tonne of options when it comes to supplements. Traditional multivitamins come in tablet form, but a short glance at the supermarket shelves reveals a universe of options that will have you questioning which vitamin type is best for you.

On the shelves, chewable drops, powders, and gummies are all arranged next to one another. Each type has particular benefits and drawbacks.

They all work to provide vitamins to your body, but they each go about it differently. Other kinds might be more effective for people with particular medical issues, different age groups, lifestyles, or other factors.

For most people, chewable supplements function just as well as tablets do without sacrificing the caliber or potency of the vitamins they contain. Additionally, they offer a solution for kids (or elders) who might struggle to take vitamins in other forms.

The Advantages of Chewing Supplements

There are many reasons someone could discover that chewable vitamins are more effective than other vitamin types. Although tablets are frequently promoted as the tried-and-true form, chewable vitamins offer several advantages that tablets can’t.

  • Advantages for those who struggle to swallow pills

Due to the size of many multivitamin tablets, some people have trouble swallowing them. Suppose toddlers and small children can’t consistently swallow tablets. In that case, they will have difficulty getting the vitamins and nutrients they need to support their growth, not to mention the choking risk posed.

Chewable supplements get over these limitations. A chewable vitamin is much easier for even the youngest child because it is much smaller than a bite of food. Chewable vitamins should be simple to take if your toddler or child is old enough to grasp the importance of chewing thoroughly before ingesting.

Before giving children chewable vitamins, make sure you read the ingredients. Select a pediatrician-created formula, and steer clear of sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and additives.

For instance, monk fruit is a natural sweetener in Dr. Sobo’s Holistic Medicine -multivitamins. Real fruits were used to create flavor and colors, which are all-natural.

  • Benefits of the Better Absorption

Before the vitamins and minerals in a vitamin tablet can be properly absorbed by the body after being swallowed, they must first be broken down by the body.

Vitamins that can be chewed make this process incredibly simple. When you chew a vitamin, chewing and introducing salivary enzymes speed up the process of the vitamin being absorbed by your body.

You can efficiently absorb more of their nutrients when your vitamins are simple for your body to use. This lessens the possibility of wasting or processing issues with the vitamins in the supplement.

  • Advantages for Sensitive Stomachs

Your stomach has to work hard to break down tablets. Because of this, the directions frequently advise taking them with food.

Vitamins you can chew are easier on your stomach, and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K should still be taken with food. Still, a modest snack of yogurt, apples, peanut butter or hummus, and seed crackers can do.

  • Benefits of Specific Diets

People who follow vegan or vegetarian diets, have food allergies or intolerances, or have dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating certain food groups may need to look elsewhere for their required daily intake of specific vitamins and minerals.

Although there are advantages to taking a multivitamin in any form in this situation, chewable has a superior absorption rate and is simpler to use.

What About Vitamin Gummy Bears?

All chewable Supplements are gummy vitamins. However, not all gummy vitamins are chewable vitamins. Gummies lose out to chewable pills in a number of significant ways.

The fillers and chemicals found in gummy vitamins are frequently unneeded and do not improve your health. Chewable vitamins are typically made with fewer ingredients and are straightforward to create in a clean, vegan manner.

Gummy vitamins frequently contain a lot of sugar, making them no healthier for your teeth than sweets to chew.

Their formulation is likewise inconsistent. Because of the nature of the manufacturing process, some gummies may contain more or less of the vitamins and minerals indicated on the label. Chewable tablets are produced using a more standardized manufacturing method and are prepared without sugar.

Vitamins that Children and Toddlers Can Chew

The benefits that chewable supplements can offer children are among their most important advantages. Children have small stomachs and are frequently fussy eaters. They typically skip the vegetables in favor of sweeter meals or items that are more enjoyable to dip into by loading up on foods that aren’t healthy for them. Consult your pediatrician about adding a children’s chewable multivitamin to your child’s diet if they are notoriously picky eaters.

The nutritional requirements of various children may vary. A child who eats chicken with fervor but won’t think twice about eating carrots is probably getting lots of protein but little vitamin A. Children on plant-based diets or those with problems with absorption might need to take additional precautions when taking multivitamins and supplements. Please consult your child’s pediatrician about their needs.

It’s crucial to keep chewable supplements out of children’s reach. Your smaller youngster might be unable to mentally distinguish between chewable vitamins and sweets if they are sweet and tasty. Instead of making chewable vitamins a self-serve item, give your youngster a vitamin daily.

The Takeaway

Chewable vitamins are frequently superior to other vitamin forms in terms of benefits. They are reliable from tablet to tablet, simple for your body to use, easy to swallow, and pleasant on the stomach. They’re a great option for everyone, from young children to the elderly. Choose a chewable if you want your vitamin to interact with your digestive system more naturally.

Pediatricians who are aware of the nutritional gaps in the diets of modern children and what they require for healthy growth and development created Dr. Sobo’s Holistic Medicine supplements. There are no extraneous or artificial components in our chewable vitamins. Our multivitamins are free of sugar and other additives. Our multivitamin makes use of vitamins and nutrients in their healthiest forms. For your picky eater, we are the ideal option.

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