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Dr Sobo patient Testimonial

Dr Sobo patient Testimonial

Last April I had a skiing accident and after many tests, xrays and an MRI, I was given the dreaded news that I’ve lost 3 out 4 knee ligaments. I am not an athlete and as a dentist, I lead a somewhat sedentary lifestyle. Losing my knee ligaments did not cause me any pain but there was always the buckling of my knee if I ran suddenly or if I walked on an uneven surface. So I started my research and looked into the many different treatment options given to me by orthopedic surgeons. I was quite reluctant toward surgery and was looking into a more holistic approach wanting my body to heal itself. However I was still eager to do something beneficial for my knee.I found Dr Sobo while I was looking into Platelet Rich Plasma therapy also known as PRP.Your own platelets are collected from your plasma and re-injected into the affected area. This helps your body to start healing itself.So I scheduled the PRP appointment. Upon seeing Dr Sobo, I was pleasantly surprised to see all the other treatment options he offers. Even though Dr Sobo is a physician he is also very informed on integrative medicine and the holistic approach of treating the human body. This combination is usually hard to find in the medical community. He listens to your problems and offers you many different treatment options that suits you, your body and your philosophy of medical care.

I’m writing to report that the stem cell transplant treatment worked for me. After about 2 weeks after treatment, I noticed having less pain and stiffness. It’s been several weeks now and I have continued to improve - so much so that I find myself walking with better posture and almost no pain.I am also seeing a continuous reduction in the stiffness upon waking in the morning. I’m walking straighter too. My wife told me I look younger. That, I never expected.Thank you

Dear Dr Sobo, Since taking your stem cell therapy I have noticed many positive effects. The extreme shaking in my hands is effectively gone. My energy levels have improved and I feel much younger. Many people who have not seen me for time remark on my youthful appearance. Even my girlfriend has noticed an improvement. Many thanks for your good work.

I happen to like Dr Sobo and his staff and have been going there for years. I like that he thinks both medical and holistic and tries to find and address a root cause instead of just prescribing pharmaceuticals based on symptoms, or referring me to a specialist. I am uninsured, by the way, so I'm careful how I spend my MD dollars, and I choose Dr. Sobo.

One of the main reasons for seeing Dr Sobo is that he does not push pharmaceuticals like most other physicians do. I have been a patient of Dr. Sobo for 10+ years and I feel very comfortable and reassured by him and he has kept me healthy. I have had 2 other physicians as an adult and neither gave me the care that Dr Sobo does. I feel so confident that Dr Sobo will continue to keep me healthy that I drive from the Bronx to visit him

I'm writing this review because Dr. Sobo and his staff have CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I moved back to NYC almost 3 years ago and decided that it was time (way past time) to do something and make a change. I was running and training for a marathon and the weight wasn't coming off. I was seeing a nutritionist in Brooklyn (who shall remain nameless) and still minimal weight lost.So I decided to go back to the BEST. I called the office back in May 2015 and Miss Laura (who is beyond amazing) answered the phone, remembered who I was and couldn't wait to see me. The entire team Phyllis and Lucia are FANTASTIC, SUPPORTIVE and just simply the best!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Yo-yo dieting seemed to be a permanent part of my adult life, constantly losing weight quickly only to have it return just as fast, plus more. Only with Dr. Sobo's help do I feel I've gotten off this merry go round. I have lost over 55 lbs. and I'm fitting into the same size clothes I wore in high school. My energy levels have not been this good in years.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired" - that's how I felt before coming to Dr. Sobo. I'm sure you have felt the same way. You know, trying every diet under the sun- always hopeful but never staying with it. I was running out of diets and running out of hope.A friend recommended Dr. Sobo and I thought I might as well try it. I was immediately impressed with his kind, caring staff. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Sobo the minute I sat with him. He did not rush me when I told him my frustrations with my weight history. He listened without judgement.After years of dieting I was overjoyed with my success. I have lost 27 lbs. in about 5 months. If you are "sick and tired" of being sick and tired give Dr. Sobo a call- you will be thrilled with your results.

When I was first diagnosed with low testosterone, my traditional doctors refused to offer me treatment, because my T level was not “below” the minimum “normal” range. They disregarded my symptoms and the fact that my T level was barely above the minimum “normal” range. The fact is when it comes to hormones traditional doctors prefer to only treat sick people and are restricted by what their employers and insurance companies allow them to do. Dr. Sobo has an independent practice and specializes alternative treatments that work, including bio-identical hormone replacement to help optimize his patient’s health to prevent sickness. When I walked into Dr. Sobo’s office with all the symptoms and copies of 4 different blood tests in hand, he immediately determined that I would benefit from regular testosterone treatments. He was right! That was over four years ago and the results have been great. My mental acuity and energy have improved. My immune system is strong, I have not been sick in years. I am trim and fit and my libido is strong. I am now 60 years old. Dr. Sobo and his OUTSTANDING Staff are my heroes, they have become an integral part of my healthy life!!

I have been seeing Dr. Sobo for 3 years to address both chronic sinus congestion and bowel challenges. First, Dr. Sobo is a brilliant Medical Doctor who leverages a wealth of past experiences while employing the latest in medical breakthrough knowledge. What sets Dr. Sobo at the top of his profession is that he is focused on the cause and solve vs. only treating the symptom. As important is that this all takes place in a very patient friendly environment supported by a ”best in class” team of health care professionals & admin team who personify a genuine ”patient first” attitude. Dr. Sobo has developed a sustainable protocol to address my challenges…drastically improving my quality of life.

Dr. Sobo has been treating me for several months. I've been hypothyroid for many years and in spite of taking Synthroid I did not feel like myself or have a normal energy level. Other doctors did not seem to be able to address this. Dr. Sobo recommended that I try a natural thyroid replacement instead of Synthroid, and my energy level is much improved. Dr. Sobo also created a customized weight loss plan with recommended exercise that is very easy to follow. I've lost 15 pounds and I feel great !

Since I started receiving my personalized intravenous vitamin IV’s, I feel I am on the road to repair for the first time in over 10 years! During my first visit I found Dr. Sobo to be empathetic about my illness and that he really listened to me. I couldn’t feel safer or more pleased with Dr. Sobo and his very knowledgeable and welcoming staff.

When I went to Dr Sobo I was taking Prozac, depressed, shaky and dizzy, barely able to walk. Dr sobo made no promises, but said he would try to help me. For the first time in months , there was a ray of hope. Dr Sobo did food allergy tests, and put me on a special diet, and gave me vitamins. I am no longer dizzy or lightheaded or shaky. I lost 25 lbs. and I’m working on losing 20 more. I am working full time and am grateful.

I have been using the Alpha Stim Control system for 3 months. I try to use it once per day for 20 minutes in the morning and i find it keeps me balanced all day. I can handle stress more easily and I have been able to stop taking Wellbutrin with the guidance of Dr. Sobo. I would recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing stress or depression.

I want to thank you for all that you have done to help my son J. After 9 months of dealing with Crohn’s Disease and his being hospitilized due to a reaction from medication, you have helped him more than any of his doctors and conventional medicine could. By discovering J’s food allergies you were able to get his symptoms under control and he has been practically symptom free. His other doctors would never recommend natural remedies when asked, and never suggested that food allergies could play a major part. We cannot thank you and your staff enough for all that you have done for him.

On top of my thyroid being out of whack, after a learning I had been exposed to contaminated drinking water for an extended period of time, I recently had been suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and allergies/intolerances to almost everything including my thyroid supplement. Dr. Sobo was able to manage my thyroid in a way in which no other doctor was able to do, along with have my two thyroid meds made at a compounding pharmacy in a unique way which has been the only way I am now able to tolerate my thyroid medicine for the first time in quite awhile. Thanks to mainly Dr. Sobo's understanding, care, and attention to this matter, I have been feeling better and better.

The Aplha Stim machine has helped my stress and i sleep much better. I have been able to discontinue medication for anxiety. After using it for twenty minutes the very first time, I felt calmer and more relaxed. I have recommended this to others and I will continue to do so.

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