Vitamin D Reduces Arterial Stiffness, May Prevent Heart Disease

Research has shown that Vitamin D has  protective effects against many common disorders, including cardiovascular disease. Now, a new research report may tell us why that is the case. This study from the Medical College of Georgia showed that after taking 4,000 IU of vitamin D for 4 months , measures of arterial stiffness were reduced in young, overweight, vitamin D deficient African-Americans . The skin makes vitamin D in response to sun exposure, and darker skin absorbs less sunlight, imparting a greater risk of Vitamin D deficiency to the African American population.

Rigidity of the arterial system predicts the risk of cardiovascular- related disease. Dr. Arnas Raed from the medical school’s Dept. of Medicine explains, “When your arteries are more stiff, you have higher pulse wave velocity, which increases your risk of cardiometabolic disease in the future.”

Dr. Raed, research resident from the Medical College of Georgia’s Department of Medicine, and the study’s lead author states that his data regarding Vitamin D supplementation showed that taking 4,000IU of Vitamin,”… significantly and rapidly reduced stiffness.” Research subjects who had taken 2,000 IU per day  also a reduction in arterial stiffness but it was not as significant as for those who took 4,000IU .

Vitamin D containing foods include dairy, fatty fish like sardines, some greens like kale. Another good source is fortified cereals. Finally Vitamin D supplement are an inexpensive option to make sure your taking in enough to make  a difference.


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