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TELEMEDICINE – Medical Consultation over the Phone

TELEMEDICINE – Medical Consultation over the Phone


Medical care is available while you stay at home! If you are staying close to home, because of the current coronavirus epidemic, you can receive medical care over the phone.

Your medical chart will be made ready for your call, and the consultation is scheduled in our appointment book as an uninterrupted medical encounter, just as is done when you are present in our office. This procedure has also been expanded to allow for initial consultations for new patients- at a discounted rate! Please let your family members or friends know that we will prepare for their first visit by sending them a detailed health questionnaire which will allow Dr. Sobo to review their health history, as well as current symptoms or complaints. All of this information will be available for review to allow for a comprehensive evaluation as needed for their visit.

Please call our office today, at (203) 348-8805 to take advantage of this opportunity.