Many studies have shown the heart healthy nature, and other health benefits of the Omega 3 fatty acids called EPA […]

November 24, 2014

Trans fatty acids do not occur naturally in foods, but are industrially produced to turn liquid oils into solids extending […]

November 19, 2014

Research published in the scientific journal Experimental Gerontology shows that older people with healthy vitamin E levels are less likely […]

November 15, 2014

Research presented at the 2014 annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology in Geneva, Switzerland, showed that patients who […]

November 13, 2014

The scientific journal Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids, studying women in over two dozen countries, concluded that those women […]

November 10, 2014

Taking omega-3 supplements reduced the craving for nicotine in smokers, and reduced the number of cigarettes smoked per day in […]

November 8, 2014

Asthmatics who are deficient in Vitamin D are 25 percent more likely to have an acute asthma attack. So says […]

October 31, 2014

The term “mindfulness “, an awareness of one’s own thoughts and feelings has generally been associated with meditation, and achieving […]

October 30, 2014

New research published in the American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias, suggests that past the age 60, those […]

October 26, 2014

Approximately one half of patients who are prescribed antideppresant medication do not have a beneficial response. Research presented at the […]

October 22, 2014
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