Anti Inflammatory Diet Lowers Cancer and Heart Disease Risk

A new study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine shows that following an anti-inflammatory diet reduces the risk of disease and death from all of the most common health conditions which cause dysfunction and death in our society.

This study followed almost 70,000 Swedish citizens between ages 45-83, over a 16 year period. Following a diet that is considered anti-inflammatory resulted in lowering the risk of death from any cause by 18%. It lowered the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 20 %, and lowered cancer death risk by 13%.

One interesting finding was that even smokers, who have a habit which causes an increased risk of death from so many causes, benefit from following an anti-inflammatory diet. Even though a healthier diet cannot remove the risks of smoking, it does reduce the risk compared to smokers who also eat an unhealthy, inflammatory diet. Researcher Dr Joanna Kaluza says, “Our analysis showed that even partial adherence to the anti-inflammatory diet may provide a health benefit.”

A diet which promotes inflammation is one that includes too many acidic foods. Alkalizing foods which are anti-inflammatory, need to be consumed in greater amounts that in the typical American diet. The alkaline anti-inflammatory diet  consists of fruits, vegetables, olive oil and nuts. This is consistent with what is also called the Mediterranean diet. Foods that promote inflammation and should be consumed in amounts less than the average American’s diet, are meats, sugars, bread products and dairy foods. This is not to say that acidic foods are inherently unhealthy, but that consumed as greater than half of a persons diet is too much. A general rule would be to try and eat 60% alkalinizing foods compared to less than 40% which promote acidity in the body.



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