Patient Pure X (PPX)

Patient Pure X™ (PPX™) is a first of its kind Concentrated Autologous Exosome Product that contains nanoparticles and proteins extracted
from your own blood that can decrease elements of cellular inflammation and promote tissue healing.

Nanoparticles, such as Extracellular Vesicles (EVs), act as cell-to-cell messengers, which have several impactful effects throughout your body, delivering proteins and signature microRNA.

The signature exosomes isolated in PPX™ contain multiple types of specific microRNA markers, which target damaged cells and reduce inflammation while inducing regeneration at the cellular level, promoting long term healing and repair.

PPX™, Next Generation PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been a therapeutic tool in the field of regenerative medicine, concentrating the platelets and growth factors for cellular and tissue repair. However, because of the lack of standardization and consistency, results can be quite variable.

PPX™ goes beyond PRP. Patient Pure X™ is an autologous blood-derived biologic that concentrates only the regenerative fraction of the patients’ blood, specifically the exosomes and other bioactive proteins.
The proprietary high-speed-centrifugation process isolates an average of 400 billion nanoparticles. Once placed in the body, these powerful signature exosomes immediately begin the cascade of cellular reprogramming and tissue repair.

The specific exosomes isolated in PPX™ contain many bioactive proteins and miRNA markers which are considered the mechanism of action that reduces inflammation and induces regeneration at the cellular level.

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