Vitamin E Protects Against Memory Loss

Research published in the scientific  journal Experimental Gerontology shows that older  people with healthy vitamin E levels are less likely to suffer from memory loss than those deficient in Vitamin E . It appears that although the mechanism has not been clearly elucidated, there is a role that several substances known together as “Vitamin E”, individually  play as antioxidants which may help to prevent degenerative disease,  in this case  memory loss.

  The study was done by taking blood samples from 140 Finnish citizens over  65 years old and repeating testing over 8 years. The research was carried out by the University of Eastern Finland, the Finnish National Institute for Health  and other research partners.

Vitamin E itself exists in a number of different natural forms, including tocopherols and tocotrienols, all of which are antioxidants. It appears according to this  research that many of the particular compounds that make up the those substances labeled as ‘Vitamin E ” were individually important in the preservation of memory. When measurements were performed after eight years it was found that  those subject who had relatively  higher  levels of vitamin E,  γ-tocopherol, β-tocotrienol and total tocotrienols , seemed to be protected against memory loss

This  study was a part of a larger investigation called the  Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Aging, and Dementia (CAIDE) study, which attempts to elucidate the contribution of a variety of  risk factors for cardiovascular disease and memory disorders.

Food sources of Vitamin E are sunflower seeds, almonds, green leafy vegetables and avocado. To supplement with vitamin E  one should choose “mixed tocopherols/ tocotrionals rather than a single form of Vitamin E that some supplements provide.


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