Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

The Benefits of Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

I believe that Intravenous (IV) Vitamin therapy could be used effectively far more often by doctors and their patients.  After a person takes a supplement by mouth, only 20-30% of the ingredients will find their way into the bloodstream where they become effective for the body. Intravenous administration, however, achieves higher concentrations in the blood that are not possible when taken by mouth. Also, many patients may suffer from a depletion of nutrients if they have digestive tract problems, so oral supplements are either not tolerated, or simply not absorbed well enough to make a difference. The IV infusion bypasses the problem of poor absorption through the GI tract. Intravenous vitamin infusions are very safe as well as effective.

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A Rich Vitamin Mix

The IV Vitamin infusions typically used contain Vitamin C, the B vitamins, Folic acid, magnesium, calcium, and trace elements, such as chromium, selenium and zinc. A vitamin-mineral infusion given weekly over a period of time helps patients with a variety of conditions. One recent example in my practice was that of a college student who recovered from Mononucleosis surprisingly quickly after a couple of infusions. Another more elderly patient’s recovery from shingles was more rapid than anticipated.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and people with other conditions report improvements that had eluded them and their doctors. Alan Gaby, MD a national leader in integrative Medicine and past president of the American Holistic Medical Association wrote in Let’s Live magazine, “While the value of nutritional therapies are becoming more accepted in mainstream medicine, many doctors are still unaware of the dramatic, almost unbelievable results that can be obtained by administering vitamins and minerals intravenously.” Dr. Gaby states, “I have given over 15,000 nutrient injections and have seen some remarkable results, (including with) attacks of acute asthma and migraine sufferers experiencing relief within a couple of minutes. Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia have found marked improvements after three or four weekly injections followed by maintenance treatments every two to four weeks.”


Both Bacterial and Viral Effects

Thomas Levy, M.D. is a nutritionally oriented Board Certified Cardiologist who authored the book, Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins. Dr. Levy supports his findings throughout his book referring to documented research referencing over 1,200 studies and articles about Vitamin C’s benefits in a variety of conditions. He particularly focused on the benefits seen when Vitamin C is administered intravenously. This is a wonderful book for doctors and their patients providing an excellent reference for anyone considering the treatment, and questions whether there has been enough research regarding the benefits.

The first part of Dr. Levy’s book focuses on infectious diseases. He documents the studies showing that Vitamin C has shown great benefit I many common bacterial and viral conditions that plague both children and adults, and cites specific studies with regard to the herpes virus, the common cold, viral pneumonia, mononucleosis, influenza and others, concluding with the statement, “Vitamin C is undoubtedly the ideal agent for treating virtually any viral infection.”


The Ultimate Antidote

The introduction to the second part of Dr. Levy’s book is titled, The Ultimate Antidote. He starts with the statement that “Vitamin C has demonstrated the ability to neutralize a wide variety of toxic substances.” Among these are the toxic elements aluminum, mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium. He also discusses research studies regarding IV Vitamin C’s beneficial effects on those exposed to environmental pollutants, industrial chemicals, and radiation. Dr. Levy also discusses research regarding Vitamin C’s ability to counter the toxic effects of medications, such as those used in chemotherapy with all of their side effects. And he points out the documented benefits with regard to  immune system disorders, allergies and cancers.

“There are very few human diseases or medical conditions that are not improved at least (to) some degree by the regular dosing of Optimal amounts of vitamin C.” — Thomas Levy, MD

Vitamin C infusions have a long history of reports of benefits to cancer patients suffering the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Side effects like vomiting and diarrhea deplete the body of essential and crucial minerals like magnesium, selenium and zinc, all of which have an important role in the functions of the immune system.

I often recommend the intravenous administration of vitamins to my patients and have found that it has helped so many.