As we age, fatigue, cognitive impairment, body aches and pains, and many illnesses seem like an inevitable part of aging. But science has shown that much of the poor health we experience is associated with the decline of naturally made substances our body produces to maintain our life and our health. We can treat and possibly prevent some of the conditions associated with aging by replenishing these factors. One vital element in the human body, NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is one of these.

NAD+ is present in all of our cells and it plays an important role in many essential bodily functions. We offer NAD+ therapy to restore the decline of NAD+ that occurs with aging.  Unfortunately, NAD+ cannot be placed in a pill or capsule as an effective oral dietary supplement. We treat patients by prescribing NAD+ as a self-administered injection so that the NAD+ reaches your blood stream for its benefits to be achieved. The injection is a simple painless “subcutaneous” injection which means that it is placed just under the skin. NAD+ can also be administered as an IV treatment.


NAD+ provides your body and mind with increased energy through its role as a Coenzyme located in the mitochondria which is the energy producing area in every cell of the body.  Physical Benefits of NAD+ therapy

  • Boosts energy and Increases metabolism
  • Reduces inflammation and speeds recovery from injury
  • Decreases pain
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Diminishes cravings for harmful substances and mitigates withdrawal symptoms
  • Slows the aging process,both%20metabolic%20and%20signaling%20reactions

Mental benefits of NAD+ therapy

  • Increased mental clarity,
  • Better concentration and memory
  • Improved mood

As state in a scientific paper published in the Journal of Neuroinflammatiom

“NAD+ improves cognitive function and reduces neuroinflammation by ameliorating mitochondrial damage and decreasing ROS production in chronic cerebral hypoperfusion models through Sirt1/PGC-1α pathway.”

The more NAD you have, the more efficient the mitochondria can repair damaged DNA, play its role in energy regulation, gene expression and cell signaling. NAD+ therapy may be helpful in the treatment of: 

  • Anxiety, depression, ADD
  • Dementia
  • Substance addiction
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

NAD+ therapy may dramatically improve your overall health and slow down the physical and mental aging process we often see as inevitable.

Intravenous NAD+ Therapy: Although not yet an FDA approved treatment, scientific studies show that improving NAD+ levels may have a number of health benefits

NAD+ IV Therapy Benefits:

  • Promotes healthy brain function and may slow cognitive decline
  • Fights chronic fatigue through cellular energy production
  • Regenerates aging cells imparting energy and an anti-aging effect
  • Reduces internal inflammation which may be disease preventative
  • Boosts metabolism, and may assist weight loss and maintenance


NAD+ IV Infusion Therapy may be good for people with 

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  •       Memory/concentration issues
  • Parkinson’s disease

 In one study infused NADH in Parkinson’s disease patients showed a beneficial effect in 80% of the patients

  • Heart disease
  •    Diabetes
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Multiple sclerosis

Why is NAD+ given as IV Therapy? 

Giving NAD+ in an injectable form ensures that you get 100% bioavailability from the molecule to assist in cellular performance and energy production. 

Although oral supplements are available, their efficacy is questionable as NAD is sensitive to light, moisture, and temperature should not be relied upon in capsule or tablet form. Also, ingested NAD will be degraded in the stomach.

Benefits of NAD+ Infusion Therapy For Your Brain

Some people describe the feeling of mental clarity appearing after an NAD+ infusion therapy. This may be experienced as an overall improvement in mental sharpness contributing to an overall feeling of physical as well as mental well being.

An NAD+ IV infusion can result in improved mental clarity, better concentration, and enhanced memory . NAD infusions may also help mental conditions such as anxiety, depression and attention deficit.

An NAD+ IV infusion can help activate your brain’s neuronal functioning by helping cells regenerate and protect them against damage.

    How NAD+ Infusion Therapy Boosts Your Energy Levels and Metabolism

An IV infusion provides energy to your body’s cells on a molecular level. Whether you suffer from chronic fatigue or you are  just feeling the effects of getting older, NAD+ can make you feel more energetic.

        Other Physical Benefits of NAD IV Infusions

        Since it is one of your body’s natural coenzymes that promotes cell regeneration, supplementing NAD+ levels through an IV drip can reduce inflammation and help your body recover faster from an injury. The coenzyme also assists in the activation of poly ADP-ribose polymerases (PARPS) to repair damaged DNA inside your body.

        Who Is a Good Candidate for NAD+ IV Therapy?

  • Anyone who suffers from reduced energy levels, feels sluggish and fatigued, or feels like their mind is continuously foggy can be a great candidate for this type of IV treatment. Replenishing your body’s NAD+ levels can drastically reduce these types of feelings and provide additional benefits.
  • People who are struggling with the side effects of aging or who suffer from certain age-related illnesses or chronic conditions are also excellent candidates, however, these infusions can also be beneficial for healthy individuals. 
  • For example, it’s often recommended for athletes who want to enhance their performance and endurance and speed up their recovery times after intense exercise or an injury.

What you may experience after our NAD+ IV treatments:

  • Reduced fatigue/higher energy levels
  • Sharper memory/overall mind function
  • Pain/inflammation relief
  • Better metabolism
  • Improved mood
  • Less anxiety/depression
  • Faster recovery from injury/exercise
  • Higher endurance/better physical performance
  • Feeling of youthfulness

NAD+ Therapy and Addiction:

Can It Be Used for Addictions?

Though it’s still a relatively new service, there is promising evidence that NAD+ IV drip and infusions can be used as a form of addiction therapy. It’s important to note that the coenzyme itself is not a fix for addiction, but it can help heal your brain by replenishing cells that have been ravaged by substance abuse.

Studies have shown that NAD+ can aid in the regeneration of opiate receptors, reducing cravings and softening the effects of withdrawals. This can lead to reduced substance dependence and faster addiction recovery.

Guests who are committed to long-term recovery from addiction may find that NAD+ assists their pre-addiction brain chemistry. A healthy, properly functioning brain is one of the most important factors on the road to recovery.

Intravenous NAD+


Successful NAD+ intravenous therapy depends upon correct administration, with a practitioner knowledgeable regarding both the proper dosing and rate of administration

and total time taken for a treatment session

  • The starting dose must be dripped over at least two hours, or the patient may experience adverse events, such as rapid heartbeat, nausea, and anxiousness. 
  • NAD+ IV is typically given as a monotherapy, meaning that it should not be combined with other nutrients or medications. If it is advisable, a second type nutritional IV administration may be given on the same day.
  • When initiating NAD+ therapy, a patient’s tolerance should be built by slowly titrating doses to achieve compliance and successful outcomes. 
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