Peptide Treatment for Hormonal Health

Peptides Working With Hormonal Health

Enhancing growth hormone production naturally

The substance called growth hormone has unfortunately been tied to the negative publicity associated with athlete’s inappropriate use of that hormone for performance enhancement in sports. Growth hormone use itself, even when administered properly by a physician is exceedingly expensive. Peptides provide a great alternative as they can enhance the body own ability to produce it’s own growth hormone, as the body needs it. This can enhance the burning of fat as well as enhancement of muscle tissue for those following a weight loss and exercise program. And the cost is a fraction of the cost of growth hormone treatments.  There are several peptides which can meet this challenge and the patient has the option of using a cream, capsules, or injections.

Dr Sobo is a member of A4M – The American Academy of Anti- Aging Medicine.
He is also a pioneer member of the new medical organization , the Clinical Peptide Society.  If you have any questions, please call 1-203-348-8805