Peptide Thymosin Beta 4

Peptide Thymosin Beta 4

Thymosin is a hormone naturally secreted by the thymus gland. Its primary function is to stimulate the production of T cells, which are an important part of a person’s adaptive immune response. It is also secreted as a response to injury and begins the recovery process the body makes to tissue trauma or damage. Thymosin also assists in the development the production of antibodies crucial to one’s immune response. Thymosin beta 4, regulates the action of a cell building protein called actin. Actin is a crucial  component of cell structure and is essential to tissue repair, and thus Thymosin Beta 4 plays an  important role in cellular protection, regeneration, and remodeling of injured or damaged tissues. Thymosin Beta 4 is also released by platelets and other types of cells which react to the occurrence of tissue injury to reduce inflammation, and inhibit infection from taking place


Benefits of Thymosin beta 4:

  • Increased endurance and strength
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Prevents and may calm muscle spasm
  • Reduced inflammation of tissue in joints
  • Encourages tissue repair
  • Helps maintain flexibility by stretching connective tissues
  • Prevents the formation of adhesions in injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • Encourages the growth of new blood vessels in healing tissues

Research findings:

After an injury it has been found that a TB4 gene is “upregulated” to help start the body’s recovery process after injury or tissue damage. Tβ4, by promoting the creation of new blood vessels in an injured area allows nutrients, and other reparative substances to come to the injured area. Tβ4 also has anti-inflammatory properties and works to decrease the amount of inflammatory substances, called cytokines. Inflammation plays a large role in many of the symptoms associated with a number of other conditions (i.e., Lyme disease, CFS, FM, autoimmune diseases, infections, etc.), making the potential impact of Tβ4 quite extensive.


Given the inherent therapeutic properties of this versatile substance TB4 has been used to treat  many conditions. It has been used in the treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease, , colds, and various other  infections including HIV and AIDS.. It has been utilized in the management of various inflammatory conditions, as well as part of treatment following a heart attack due to its cardio and neuroprotective effects.


To this date Thymosin Beta 4 has been shown to be virtually side effect free and it’s use has not been associated with any adverse outcomes. It can be taken on its own or in conjunction with an existing therapy, making it a versatile and valuable peptide.

Zinc Thymulin

Zinc Thymulin (ZT) is used to regenerate hair lost as a result of androgenic alopecia, commonly called male pattern baldness -which affects women too !

Most hair loss involves inactivation of hair follicles, that is, hair follicles cease to grow enough hair to keep up with the natural amount of hair loss that occurs every

Zinc and thymulin are two natural compounds involved in hair follicle growth and have been studied and found to promote hair growth. Combined into a spray solution, Zinc/Thymulin can be applied to the scalp and treat hair loss, bald patches and initiate the angen hair growth phase (the active growth phase of hair follicles during which the root of the hair is dividing rapidly).

Testing has shown to be safe and effective, with proven clinical results published in the peer reviewed medical journal Hair Therapy and Transplantation.

We know what zinc is, what is thymulin?

Thymulin is a peptide hormone derived from the thymus gland. The activity of the hormone is reliant on the mineral Zinc, which is why it is referred to as Zinc Thymulin.

Benefits of ZT:

  • Can prevent hair loss
  • Can improve hair growth
  • Can improve quantity of hair
  • Can improve endogenous hair pigmentation
  • Both women and men can be treated
  • Treatment may be combined with known other hair restoration methods

Lack of side Effects:

In the study “An Analysis of the Safety and Efficacy of Topical Zinc-Thymulin to treat Androgenetic Alopecia“ Zinc Thymulin demonstrated no adverse systemic effects.


Topical applications of ZT demonstrated safety and established efficacy for initiating and maintaining anagen to treat male pattern baldness when applied for 6 months.


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