Peptide SELANK

Peptide SELANK

Selank is another ACTH/MSH-like peptide of the melanocortin class Traditionally it has been prescribed for anxiety and depression, but is also known to be helpful for PTSD, ADHD, immune modulation and metabolic syndromes.

Clinical studies have shown that the effect is similar
to that of tranquilizers at low doses, but is not accompanied by the unwanted side
effects of benzodiazepine tranquilizers such as amnesia, withdrawal, or dependence.

Research studies have provided the evidence that Selank acts as a stable neuropsychotropic,
antidepressant, and anti-stress drug that relieves aggression and fear reactions. Selank has been utilized as helpful in addiction withdrawal.

It also has a nootropic action, which positively influences the formation of memory and learning processes (Kost et al., 2001, Sokolov et al. , 2002; Semenova et al. , 2007, 2009; Narkevich et al. , 2008), and marked immunomodulatory activity (Uchakinda et al. , 2008; Ershov et al. , 2009; Andreeva et al. , 2010).

Experiments have also demonstrated the effectiveness of this in preventing the
accumulation of body fat (i.e., weight gain) in development of the metabolic
syndrome. Furthermore, decrease blood glucose levels have been observed with
chronic treatment of this peptide. Thus, Selank can be used as a
broad-spectrum therapeutic agent for the treatment of metabolic syndrome.
It is available as a nasal spray as well as in injection form.