New Study Says Brain Damage Caused by Stroke May Heal with Stem Cells

Researchers from the University of Georgia’s Regenerative Bioscience Center, published a study in the scientific journal Translational Stroke Research, which shows that the brain damage caused by a stroke may be healed by stem cells. This study used a substance they called AB126 generated from nervous system stem cells. The healing factors are contained in “exosomes” which are tiny vesicles inside stem cells which secrete proteins which help the healing process. This research is an animal study which is preliminary to the next step, human studies. Researcher Steven Stice says, “This is truly exciting evidence, because exosomes provide a stealth-like characteristic, invisible even to the body’s own defenses. When packaged with therapeutics, these treatments can actually change cell progression and improve functional recovery.”

After giving the AB126, MRI scans of the brain were performed and they revealed a very large decrease in the amount of brain tissue which was damaged. A start up company called ArunaA Biomedical is preparing to launch of human study in 2019. Dr Strice explains, “Until now, we had very little evidence specific to neural exosome treatment and the ability to improve motor function. Just days after stroke, we saw better mobility, improved balance and measurable behavioral benefits in treated animal models.”


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