Keep Kids Active to Prevent Obesity

A new study from Finland, published in the journal Sports Medicine shows that the more time children spent time doing physical activities, the lower their total body fat. This study investigated the association of physical activity, body fat measurement and cardiorespiratory fitness in six to eight year old Finnish children.

Exchanging  sedentary behaviour -mainly sitting — for even low-intensity physical activity reduces body fat. For activity to enhance cardiorespiratory fitness, the physical activity intensity needs to be at least moderate. The greater the intensity of the physical activity the lower the  body fat. Children doing just 10 minutes of high-intensity physical activity every day had lowered their body fat by nearly 30% compared to children who did not engage in higher intensity physical activity.

The findings indicate that encouraging lifestyle habits which include physical activity can have a significant impact children’s weight management. And increasing the intensity levels of children’s exercise will also enhance their cardiovascular fitness .

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