How to Restore Your Hair Loss with PRP

Hair loss is a major concern for many people, but few solutions on the market can safely, naturally, and effectively trigger long-term hair growth. Shampoos, topical applications, and medications just aren’t effective enough to truly resolve pattern hair loss, and many cause unwanted side effects. This is why it’s so exciting that experts have discovered new techniques that allow the power of PRP to be utilized to efficiently reverse hair loss.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Restoration

PRP is obtained by drawing a person’s blood and processing it through a centrifuge that concentrates the blood platelets for use in the body. Since those platelets contain different natural growth factors and bioactive proteins, PRP supports the regeneration and healing of tissue in a safe and natural way.

This has led PRP to be used for everything from joint pain relief to skin rejuvenation, and now it is being applied to hair restoration as well. When PRP is injected into the hair follicles, it stimulates the stem cells and other cells around the hair follicles. This accelerates tissue regeneration and results in visible hair growth. Inactive or even newly implanted hair follicles are drawn into an active growth phase using PRP.

Is Hair Restoration With PRP Right For You?

PRP is an excellent option for anybody suffering from hair loss who wants to avoid surgery. Those with hair thinning and male pattern baldness can benefit from this treatment. It is standard to receive three treatments performed four to six weeks apart to activate hair follicles an begin to produce a fuller, thicker head of hair. The results may be maintain for as long as three years before another treatment is needed! However, if you are dealing with aggressive hair loss, another treatment annually will help to maintain progress.

At Optimal Health Medical in Stamford, CT, Dr. Henry Sobo, MD specializes in PRP Hair Treatment and Restoration for male and female patients alike. He utilizes proven best practices to trigger renewed hair growth and help you overcome unwanted hair loss and baldness. Call (203) 348-8805 now to make your PRP Hair Restoration appointment with Dr. Sobo.  

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