Exercise Helps Protect Against Inflammatory Changes of Excessive Diet

Research in the past has shown that  inflammatory markers that can be measured in simple blood tests  are elevated in obesity. Also, it is known that a fairly brief period of overeating can raise these inflammatory markers. New research from the University of Michigan researchers shows that exercise protects against the changes in inflammatory markers that can occur after  a week of overeating.

In this study, the researchers studied four lean and active adults who ate 30 percent more calories than they normally would for one week. During the study, the subjects continued their regular exercise habits.

Dr Alison C. Ludzki lead researcher says,”Our preliminary findings suggest trends for increases in markers of inflammation (C-reactive protein, pJNK/JNK) after one week of overeating in people who do not exercise. ” They also found, however , that  among study subjects who were exercising  “overeating did not increase the protein content of markers of adipose tissue inflammation (i.e., pJNK/JNK, pERK/ERK) or circulating C-reactive protein.”

“Our preliminary findings expand on existing work to support a protective role of exercise in the metabolic response of adipose tissue to brief periods of overeating,” the researchers concluded

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