Early Signs of Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia can be a debilitating illness that can keep you in pain and limit your way of life. While it is typically characterized as pain and tenderness in the muscles and joints throughout your body, there are some early warning signs of fibromyalgia that are less severe. The sooner it is discovered, the sooner you can start treatment to manage symptoms. Here are some of the early signs of fibromyalgia.

Fatigue and Sleep Changes

One of the characteristic warning signs of fibromyalgia is fatigue. You may frequently feel tired and worn down, even if you have a good night’s sleep. You may also experience some sleep changes that can add to your fatigue. You may have insomnia, or find yourself sleeping more frequently, such as taking several naps throughout the day.

Mental Challenges

One of the characteristics of fibromyalgia is often referred to as fibro fog. You may notice that you have more trouble concentrating or focusing your attention. It is also common to have memory problems. The changes in your mental health can also cause depression and anxiety. These symptoms may be periodical, or they may be frequent and constant.

Numbness, Tingling, and Itching

Fibromyalgia can often cause numbness, tingling, and itching in different parts of the body. Initially, this may seem like a mild annoyance, but when these symptoms are severe, it can be very distracting and add to your inability to concentrate or focus your mind. This is usually a precursor to the pain and tenderness that it causes.

If you have these or other symptoms of fibromyalgia, contact us today for an appointment. We will conduct an examination and assessment so we can give you an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment. Contact us today.

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