Dr. Sobo’s Research Proven Holistic Alzheimer’s Program

Dr. Sobo’s Research Proven Holistic Alzheimer’s Program

Holistic Alzheimer’s Program

https://drsobo.com/slide/anti-aging-medicine/Patients will receive individualized instructions for ;

  • Diet shown to reduce brain inflammation
  • Nutritional Supplements shown to help slow the progression of dementia
  • Sleep instruction and aids to slow dementia
  • Stress reduction
  • Exercise
  • Hormone replacement when needed

A study published in the online edition of the journal Aging, reported that all nine out of nine participants with mild or moderate Alzheimer’s disease showed signs of improvement at three and six months follow up evaluations.

Six of the the participants who had reported that they had discontinued working because of their cognitive impairment or had been struggling at work, were all were able to return to work or continue at their jobs with improved performance.

This study supported by the N.I.H. from UCLA’s Buck Institute for Research on Aging, used a comprehensive therapeutic program.

The paper’s lead author, Dale  Bredesen, M.D. Professor of Neurology says,“…a broader-based therapeutic approach, rather than a single drug that aims at a single target, may be feasible and potentially more effective for the treatment of cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s.”

The disappointing results of drug therapy in Alzheimer’s Disease caused Dr Bredesen’s to seek a therapy that takes a more comprehensive approach. “The existing Alzheimer’s drugs affect a single target, but Alzheimer’s disease is more complex. Imagine having a roof with 36 holes in it, and your drug patched one hole very well. The drug may have worked, and a single hole may have been fixed, but you still have 35 other leaks, and so the underlying process may not be affected much.”

The results of this small study shows that memory loss may be reversed  with a comprehensive, anti-aging healthy lifestyle therapeutic program. Its lead author Dr. Bredesen cautions us that the results need to be replicated. “… to address key questions raised, such as the degree of improvement that can be achieved routinely, how late in the course of cognitive decline reversal can be effected, whether such an approach may be effective in patients with familial Alzheimer’s disease, and last, how long improvement can be sustained”.

This study supports the many other studies that Dr Sobo has written about in his Alzheimer’s blog , growing the scientific evidence for holistic/ integrative approaches to helping those with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

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