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Do You Get Tension Headaches? Read This Right Away

Headaches aren’t just a nuisance. They have the power to stop you in your tracks. If you are susceptible to tension headaches, it’s important to understand why your headaches occur and how you can stop them without relying on medication.

Is It a Tension Headache?

There are many types of headaches that develop from different triggers. Tension headaches in particular cause the following symptoms:

  • a dull, aching head pain
  • sensation of tight pressure across the forehead or sides and back of the head
  • extra neck, scalp, and shoulder tenderness

Your own tension headaches could be episodic or chronic. Episodic tension headaches occur a few days a month, while chronic tension headaches occur 15 or more days a month for hours or days at a time. Long-lasting tension headaches are very similar to migraines, but they do not cause visual problems and vomiting like migraines often do.

How to Naturally Alleviate Your Tension Headaches

Medicine is not always the best way to immediately treat a tension headache.

It’s most important to find the root cause of your tension headache. Do you grind your teeth and clench your jaw at night? Do you slouch a lot and cause your muscles to tense up constantly? If you can identify the cause of your headaches, you can begin to reduce their frequency without any reliance on medicine at all.

A holistic doctor like Dr. Henry Sobo of Optimal Health Medical can help you identify the triggers of your tension headaches. He can also guide you through the lifestyle and diet changes needed to eliminate those triggers and improve your overall health.

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