Highest Standards for Quality Nutritional Supplements

The quality of nutritional supplements varies greatly. Many vitamins that people buy don’t deliver what their label says. In our practice we utilize vitamin supplements that are manufactured to the highest standards.


Guarantee of Quality

The company producing Perque supplements, for which we are providing information, makes the following Perque Inc. guarantee:
1. 100% potency for the entire shelf life.
2. Every ingredient used is pharmaceutical grade or better.
3. Full label disclosure is provided. There are no hidden ingredients.
4. Every Perque Inc. product is activated with the same transporters that are used in nature in food to ensure full bioavailability. The biologically preferred form of an ingredient is always used for enhanced activity.
5. Free of wheat/ gluten, corn/ zein/ starch, dairy/casein/ whey milk derivatives, sulfate, yeast, soy, phosphates (other than coenzeymes) and preservatives.
6. No genetically modified organisms.(GMO’s)
7. 100% vegetarian formula.
8. Unique post-production assays and clinical bioassays assure product integrity.


Additional Comments and Suggestions

Only carefully selected items are offered. To add to the educational experience of this Web site, we will offer educational information about the supplements we use.