Thermography – What Is It?

Thermography (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, also known as D.I.T.I.) is a technology that is entirely non-invasive and does not use radiation, as does mammography.

Thermography can also be used to image other areas of the body and is especially useful in pain of musculoskeletal nature, helping you to know whether it might be necessary to have further studies, such as a CT scan or an MRI, or whether these might be unnecessary in a particular case.


Thermography – How Does It Work?

Thermography is a 15-minute FDA-approved imaging test of physiology that detects the subtle changes that accompany breast disease, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, vascular disease, or an infection.

Thermography is especially helpful for women under the age of 50 who have denser breast tissue making it more difficult for mammography to be as effective as in those after the age of 50.

It is known to take years for a breast tumor to grow to the point where it will be found by physical examination or mammography. The changes seen by thermography may show up years earlier while the tumor is in a very early stage.


Thermography – How Is It Performed?

You are simply seated in front of the D.I.T.I. camera. All tests that we will perform will be analyzed by MD’s certified in thermography interpretation. Results will be available to review with Dr. Sobo in a matter of days. Thermography is also painless, as there is no contact with the body in doing the examination.