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Integrative Oncology Helps Cancer Patients with Safe Non Toxic Treatments

Integrative Oncology Helps Cancer Patients with Safe Non Toxic Treatments

For doctors and patients who wish to explore the effects of nutrition, and natural supplementation for those with cancer, the American Institute of Integrative Oncology suggests an approach to help patients with safe, non toxic treatments. The key is to focus on achieving the following goal:

Promote A Micro-environment That Is Not Supportive Of The Development, Proliferation, Progression Or The Metastasis Of Tumor Cells.

In conventional Oncology action is taken when a tumor is detected to eradicate the malignancy. After someone is in remission, surveillance is done to uncover a new tumor when it has arisen, at which time action is again taken to eradicate that malignancy. The Integrative Oncology approach uses biomarkers as early signs that may point to greater risk of tumor production or when recurrence may be more likely to occur. This method can be used by anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis to be more proactive than just using standard  screening methods for the recurrence of cancer before any action is taken. This approach is also used while patients are undergoing treatment under the care of  an Oncologist, to compliment that care.

These BIOMARKERS and NUTRIENT LEVELS can be evaluated and monitored as an indicator of progression, or risk of progression of disease. Appropriate steps can be taken when abnormal findings are uncovered.


CRP                                        IL-6                                         IL-1              Ferritin            Fibrinogen

Insulin                                   HbA1C                                  Leptin            Ceruloplasmin

VitD                                       Copper                                 Zinc                 RBC Magnesium


The Most Important nutrients used in Integrative Oncology

Omega 3 Fatty Acids                       Green Tea-ECGC                              Vit D3

Magnesium                                        Resveratrol                                         Curcumin

Beta Glucan and Medicinal Mushrooms                 Brassica- rich nutrients-DIM

Lipoic Acid                                           Probiotics                                            Berberine

Multi-Vit-min  with activated B vitamins, without Copper or iron         Methylated B12

Vitamin C                                             Quercitin

The nutritional content of the diet is always of paramount importance. A low sugar diet is essential. Many advise taking the Dairy and Gluten Free approaches as well.

To round out lifestyle recommendations, exercise is important to those with cancer, as it is to everyone else. Many research studies have confirmed this.

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