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Could Bioidentical Hormones Be Your Ultimate Solution?

Could Bioidentical Hormones Be Your Ultimate Solution?

Why Bioidentical Hormone Replacement?

It is always best to use bioidentical hormones in pellet therapy. Bioidentical hormones are made by a compounding pharmacy to produce the same hormonal substance that the body naturally produces. This replenishes the body with the substance it has been missing without causing any of the dangerous side effects of synthetic hormones. Research shows that synthetic hormones can cause blood clots, weight gain, acne, loss of libido, migraine headaches, and other awful side effects. Bioidentical hormones mimic your body’s natural hormones to prevent nasty side effects and help you restore balance to your systems!

Pellet Therapy Ensures Steady Results

Many forms of hormone therapy are notorious for creating a “roller coaster” effect as one treatment wears off and the next begins. Pellet therapy prevents this frustrating issue by releasing a small, steady stream of testosterone into your body. When you work with Dr. Sobo at Optical Health Medical in Stamford, CT to receive your pellet therapy, he will complete a comprehensive blood work analysis to guarantee that your body receives a precise dose of testosterone. You’ll notice the physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits almost immediately!

As a Board-certified member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and one of the few physicians who has passed a Connecticut State examination in Homeopathic Medicine, Dr. Henry Sobo is proud to treat all of his patients with a holistic approach to medicine that delivers real results. Call (203) 348-8805 now to make your first appointment.