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Brains of Overweight People ‘Ten Years Older’ Study Shows

Brains of Overweight People ‘Ten Years Older’ Study Shows

The team studied data from 473 individuals between the ages of 20 and 87, at the Cambridge Centre for Aging and Neuroscience.

Research study author Dr Lisa Ronan says, “As our brains age, they naturally shrink in size, but it isn’t clear why people who are overweight have a greater reduction in the amount of white matter. We can only speculate on whether obesity might in some way cause these changes… ”

Senior author Professor Paul Fletcher, says “We’re living in an aging population, with increasing levels of obesity, so it’s essential that we establish how these two factors might interact, since the consequences for health are potentially serious. It will also be important to find out whether these changes could be reversible with weight loss, which may well be the case.”

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